Are your grounds upto standard? Do your customers have to climb over the undergrowth to get to your door? Are your lawns pristine or looking a bit worse of wear? Our objective is to create a visually attractive environment all year round, helping your business to create the right impression.

Whether your grounds are extensive or include just a few green areas, we can provide the following services as part of a regular maintenance routine or on an adhoc basis;

  • Grass cutting, seeding, turf repair and treatments
  • Weeding, planting out, maintenance and pruning of beds and shrubberies
  • Planting, pruning and felling of trees
  • Leaf and litter collection
  • Pest Control

    With our pest control services we can routinely monitor and remove (when required) any creatures that may cause disturbance and damage to your premises and reputation efficiently, humanely and in an environmentally friendly way.

    Using fully trained pest control operatives we can undertake a range of pest control services including:

  • Rodent monitoring and control, plus full building proofing
  • Insect monitoring and control
  • Flying insect monitoring and control
  • Insect identification services
  • Fumigation
  • Independent pest control technical audits
  • Bird control and building bird proofing